The Truth About Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning for high school aged athletes is not merely about how strong and fast an athlete is.  Don’t get me wrong, it plays an important part.  However, getting an athlete to improve his strength is the easiest thing a coach can do. 

So, what does Strength and Conditioning really do for young athletes…

  • It teaches the athlete how to set a goal and achieve it.
  • It teaches how to fight through when things get tough.
  • It teaches how to be consistent.
  • It teaches how to strain, push, and endure.
  • It builds a young man who can look you in the eye and speak directly.
  • It builds an athlete who feels good about themselves.
  • It builds an athlete who has the mindset that they can concur anything.

What strength and conditioning really does is build CONFIDENCE.

You see, strength training is not about lifting numbers…

Strength is about turning a young athlete into a confident and self-reliant young adult.

If an athlete can go through my program and leave with confidence and a feeling of accomplishment then I have done my job.

What happens on Friday nights is just a bonus…

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